The Turning Point - Hoboken, New Jersey

If I had to chose my favorite meal, it without a question would be brunch. Especially during these lazy summer days, waking up around 11 and getting brunch with friends has become pretty routine.

My friend Melina and I decided to try The Turning Point in Hoboken, New Jersey. We had heard that the food was delicious and the views of the Hudson from the outside dining area were amazing!

We both ordered cappuccinos and decided to try a breakfast appetizer called fruit bruschetta. The appetizer came with diced strawberries, pineapple and mango with cinnamon sugar covered pita strips. It was really delicious and I have never seen something like it! I will definitely try making my own at home. We then ordered our main dishes and I tried the "OMG french toast" which was wheat french toast topped with pumpkin-cinnamon mascarpone, pecans, a caramel drizzle and chopped bacon. The french toast really was "OMG" great and I really enjoyed my meal.

After our brunch, we decided to go down Washington Street and eventually ended up a Pier A Park, where the view of New York was really breathtaking.

If you're ever in the area, I would really recommend taking a trip to Hoboken. It is a beautiful city that is less crowded than New York and features many great restaurants, shops and parks.